Best Software Engineer Projects for Resume

When you list projects on your resume, you instantly increase your chances of landing a job. It’s natural to want to highlight a project you’re particularly proud of on your resume and it might even help you land your next job.

Best Software Engineer Projects for Resume

Past jobs, paid and unpaid side hustles, and if you’re a recent graduate academic coursework can all be sources of projects for your resume.

Your resume should capture the full breadth of your experience as it relates to the roles you’re pursuing, painting a more complete picture of what you bring to the table than simply listing your work history.

In this article, we will discuss the Best Software Engineer Projects for Resume.

Importance Of Adding Projects to A Resume

Having web projects on your resume, whether you’re new to coding or a seasoned programmer, highlights your technical skills and experience to employers while also helping you stand out from the crowd.

Including programming projects on your resume demonstrates that you are self-motivated and capable of completing a difficult task from beginning to end.

You put your programming skills to good use and are a lifelong learner.

Including projects on your resume allows hiring managers to see your skills and determine whether your work style would be a good fit for their company.

It establishes you as a successful professional, adds credibility to your resume, and allows you to highlight your soft skills.

Best Software Engineer Projects for Resume

If you’re changing careers, you should plan your personal Software Engineer projects around that shift. The first step is to go over the job description.

The technical skills they’re looking for are often listed in the job description. Choose ones that you can use to create projects that will help you nurture your skills, gain experience, and complement your profile for the job.

Projects can be either personal which you take up on your own to practice and expand your portfolio or even the academic projects you do during your university time.

Both can serve the purpose of showcasing the skills you possess and are confident of.

Some of the best ideas for personal projects to develop and mention on your resume are listed as follows:

1. Online Portfolio

This is the best way to showcase fundamental coding skills such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. as well as list other skills you have to offer.

2. Websites (e.g. Blogs)

Another way to show your skills is by making websites for businesses, freelancers, or for solving a problem. These websites can result in a great medium to show your portfolio, whenever required.

3. Mobile/Web Applications

These applications can convey that you have mastered the basics of a framework or language. e.g., Travel app, weather prediction app, etc.

4. Games

By building some fun games, you can prove your understanding of logic, data structures, and algorithms. e.g. Tic Tac Toe, a Hangman game for beginner-level developers.

5. Meme Generator

It is a fun way to show that you can combine your technical skills with soft skills. Also, if done professionally, it can result in monetary gain too. Think of it that way, people visiting your website to generate memes, how cool would that be?

6. Bot (e.g. Twitter Bots etc.)

Another great way to show your technical knowledge is by building a website with the bot. This will show that you can incorporate AI and ML in your personal Software Engineer projects too.

How To List Software Engineering Projects

A standard resume does not always work in today’s economy. The problem is that recruiters only spend seven seconds on each resume, so they’re unlikely to look past the first entry.

After the work experience section, the projects section is one of the most important sections of a software engineer’s resume.

Projects highlight your areas of expertise and add authenticity to your resume. You can demonstrate both hard and soft skills, as well as technical and non-technical aspects of your profile, through your projects.

Here’s how you can do it:

1. Make a separate project section

2. Sort your projects into categories: professional/academic and personal. It is very important to categorize your project for a better understanding of its objective.

3. Each project should have a header and a description. Include your personal contribution if it was a group project and mention the programming languages, etc. as well as the technologies you used.

4. Example of Software Engineer Projects

Poker Simulation

• Built a full-stack web app to allow users to simulate and visualize outcomes of poker hands against opponents of different play styles using open-source cards.js on the front-end

• Utilized sci-kit learn in Python to simulate possible outcomes under different scenarios that the user chose

5. Make your resume as specific as possible to the job you want. Another creative way to generate a software engineering-specific resume is also through using templates, available on Microsoft word or websites.


Your software engineer resume should be properly formatted. For example, you must ensure that you are following proper English standards for writing.

Also, ensure that you are writing only what you are capable of doing, and not exaggerating. On the other hand, make sure your portfolio is as strong as it possibly can be.

Consider getting one if you don’t already have one. Remember, the purpose of this resume is to get you a job.

Your talents and personality will undoubtedly shine through if you receive that initial phone interview.

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