Best Vanilla JavaScript Projects with Source Code

What Is Meant by Vanilla JavaScript

Vanilla JavaScript usually or mainly denotes plain or pure JavaScript without any additional features.

Same as Vanilla ice cream which is served plain without any extra garnishing, any wafers, nuts, fruits, or any type of sprinkles.

Vanilla JavaScript Projects

Just a basic version of JavaScript so it is easy to learn and to do work in. It is lightweight and straightforward also.

Using Vanilla JavaScript, any web developer can create useful, significant, appealing applications and websites.

Also, the developing team of Vanilla JavaScript is thriving to make it more helpful and friendly for web developers worldwide.

Is vanilla JavaScript still used?

JavaScript is a widely used programming language and the same is the tendency of its frameworks. Due to its popularity, it has many frameworks and libraries.

Developers are using different JavaScript libraries and frameworks suitable to their needs. Currently, the most in-demand JavaScript frameworks are React Native, Ruby on Rails, and Angular. But still, it’s not a bad idea to learn vanilla JavaScript.

Difference Between JavaScript and Vanilla JavaScript

JavaScript was initially created by Netscape. It is the programming language that is mostly used for creating interactive effects inside the browser like server-side scripting languages and it can insert its code within the HTML of any webpage.

Best Vanilla JavaScript Projects with Source Code

Now a day’s developers usually used JavaScript in conjunction with its libraries which not only saves time but also makes it easier to code in JavaScript. Vanilla JavaScript is using JavaScript in its pure form without connecting it to any libraries.

Best Vanilla JavaScript Projects with Source Code

The projects we are going to mention for you here with their source codes are simple Vanilla JavaScript projects without any additional library or framework.

These all are basic and easy projects for beginners to start coding with., Let’s start learning.

1. Building A Weather App

It is perfect for newbies to build a weather app using Vanilla JS. It is the most commonly used app on a personal computer or mobile phone in our daily lives almost 2-5 times a day.

The app will be a location-based weather app based on current location and time.

 Source Code:

2. Formatting A Restaurant Menu Page

A restaurant menu page is a basic project in Vanilla JavaScript and is mostly used in a restaurant web page which allows users to make food orders online and select meals and drinks of their choice easily.

Source Code:

3. Creating A Platformer Game using vanilla js

This project is a concept of object-oriented programming. It’s going to be lengthy coding as creating a platformer game is not as easy as the Previous projects.

but once you get into learning it, you will find it so cool to create a game lover. And of course, you will learn a lot of principles of Vanilla JavaScript.

Source Code:


So we conclude here with best wishes for all the beginners who are going to learn programming and web development for their future in freelancing as well as a full-time job in a renowned software agency.

I hope the article was helpful for all of you to learn the basics of Vanilla JavaScript by creating these cool projects.

Best of Luck!