Best Software Developer Portfolio Examples

As a software developer, one of the things that get you hired is your portfolio.

A portfolio represents what you have done in your personal and professional capacity. It represents the technologies you’ve worked on or are willing to explore.

Software Developer Portfolio Examples

A good portfolio can be a game changer for your career. But how can you make your portfolio stand out? Let’s learn all about Software Developer Portfolio with some great examples.

Do Software Engineers Need a Portfolio?

A portfolio proves the credibility and previous work an individual has done. For software engineers, it has been preferred to use a portfolio to showcase their potential.

Otherwise, it is pretty much just explaining it verbally to any interviewer and leaving it in his imagination.

Visual representation through a portfolio helps to communicate their skills without verbalizing. They can see that you’ve what it takes to build the projects.

How Do I Make a Software Developer Portfolio?

The portfolio is a showroom of the capabilities an individual holds. It is a link that opens into the world of your previous professional experiences in the field.

To create a portfolio, first, you should have a goal defined, then the design should be selected, followed by a bio about yourself.

Portfolios should be tailor-made according to your skills and experiences and then made visually according to your personality.

What Should Be Included in the Software Developer Portfolio?

It is totally up to you how you can uniquely express your personality and skills through it. For software engineering, portfolio content is the least focused.

Still, it should be more focused on the representation of chosen technology and the creative structure of the whole system, and why it has been chosen should be explained in it.

Information about recruiters and hiring managers is essential for a software engineering portfolio, along with the capabilities that you can perform.

Best Software Developer Portfolio Examples

It is often said that learn from the best. Here are examples of some best software developer portfolios. Explore the portfolios and learn about the points that make them exceptional.

1. Brittany Chiang

Brittany Chiang has a very classic portfolio. She is a software engineer. Her portfolio included her introduction, her current projects, and information about her work experiences.

Her portfolio starts with her introduction, which she wrote in the first person. Her portfolio further leads with a button that opens into a web page that contains details about her course.

She then mentioned critical technology skills she works with, including programming languages.

Along with that, she clipped her picture. After that, she made logs of her significant experiences at some famous workplaces, then showcased her developed projects along with their details, and finally gave information to contact her.

With a smooth experience like Brittany’s portfolio, recruiters are likely to line up just to learn more about your experiences!

2. Madza

Madza is a software developer as well as a technical writer. In his portfolio, he mentioned his user name and the job roles in which he works.

Below, he gave a link to his social media accounts through icons. Then he gave a button which said ‘read my stories’ clicking on it opens into the web page on which he displayed his top works.

Then he made a portion which he named interests in which he mentioned his skills and his interests regarding work.

3. Jason Lengstorf

Jason Lengstorf has highly professional experience in his field of work. He has multiple work domains, including job posts of software developer, content creator, and software architect.

With so much under his belt, he is without any doubt a successful example to learn from.

His portfolio is considered one of the best and most highly creative online portfolios.

He creatively managed to make appropriate use of visualization and sounds on his portfolio page.

In his portfolio, he initially gave the option to adjust the length of bio you want to read, leading from shortest to most extended.

By selecting your desired length, you can choose the bio length. Then he gave his connecting accounts.

After that, he pinned his picture, and below his picture, he gave multiple picture options for using it to give credit. Then he introduced himself individually for each job role he works.

Then he gave the option of subscription by simply putting your name and email. He also provided multiple customizable settings in his portfolio to make it viewer-friendly.

4. Tamal Sen

Tamal sen from Bangladesh has one of the best portfolios. He works as a software engineer and a developer.

He mentioned his skills and the languages he has expertise in his portfolio. He also mentioned his fee under his job roles.

In his portfolio, he also mentioned the total number of jobs he has done and the total job hours he spent.

Then he wrote a brief bio about himself below that he mentioned some major industries he works for and the skills he can offer.

Then he mentioned his expertise. At the end of his portfolio, he provided feedback on his work along with ratings and comments.

5. Josue Espinosa

Josue Espinosa is a software engineer who works as a software developer. His portfolio has cubical rotation animation, which is aesthetically pleasing and gives an idea about his technological intelligence.

He also provided a pdf of his resume in one portfolio tab. His portfolio starts with a brief introduction, followed by a visual representation and details of his work and projects, and at the end, he gives his contact information.


Have you noticed a pattern? A good portfolio not only introduces your work but introduces you as an individual too.

It is a combination of creativity, information, and persuasion of your skills. List all your projects and skills, but do not forget to add “your” element too. Also, mention the most important thing, your contact details!

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